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through Intuitive Coaching & NLP Training

How often have you missed an opportunity or talked yourself out of doing something because you didn't feel worthy enough? 

Do you want to achieve more in your life or business? 


We've all done it.

Had these little hopes and dreams  of something we'd love to do. Something we know will enrich our lives, make us happy and more fulfilled - hell even make us more money! But when it comes to pulling the trigger, we chicken out. We justify it in our head with excuses like:

"It's not the right time, the family needs me, xyz should be sorted, and they can't do without me!"


"I can't afford it right now. What if the boiler/random house appliance/ car breaks down? That money is for a rainy day."


"I can't! I'd be rubbish at it anyway so there's no point. I'm not experienced enough/qualified to do that, I don't need that type of qualification.""


"Who do I think I am to be doing that! Pfft."




Guess what?


You're human and our brains have an annoying tendency to protect us from anything unknown or that might be perceived as 'scary' or intimidating. So we bottle it and keep life as it is. The same. Safe. Predictable.

So, whether you're struggling to make progress, facing a challenge in your life or business, or you know you have the potential to do so much more than you are now - I can help.


  • Are you unsure of your identity or your place in the world, and feeling anxious, stressed and unhappy?
  • Have you had a recent career change, challenges with relationships or health, and now feel lost, unfulfilled and lacking clarity?
  • Do you work with people and want to enhance your communication skills, break through your own barriers and achieve more than you ever thought possible?
  • Or, is it simply time to do something for yourself for once and beat the burn out?


Are you ready to get out of your own way, face your fears and clean up the shizzle that's stopping you from transforming into the best YOU that you can be?


Through 1:1 or group coaching programmes, NLP training courses or presenting bespoke workshops for your business, I will guide you to overcome your struggles, uncover possibilities and help you gain the insights, clarity and outcomes you deserve.



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There are two reasons why people have coaching:


  1. To get rid of, or avoid something.
  2. To achieve, or start something.


Ask yourself; are you avoiding something or do you want to achieve something? 


Some prefer working 1:1 with me, some prefer coaching within a group environment.


Coaching will help you to clean up all that negative nonsense and achieve the outcomes YOU want.




Whether you want to study online by yourself, take a Masterclass with a group or gain personal transformation through one of our intensive NLP+ Training; if you work, live with and have relationships with people, there will be an ideal program here for you.


What People Are Saying

Our clients'  successes speak volumes.

"Debs has guided me through an enlightening journey of self-discovery, that has already helped me personally and now I am utilising this knowledge to help my sales coaching clients.

Julie S.

Sales Consultant, Coach and Trainer

"It was amazing learning online with Debs as she made it so much fun, it didn't feel like another long or boring course, and I gained confidence in myself too. She's the best trainer I've ever had!

Aysha A.

Business Owner, networker and Mum

"Debs is more than just a coach.  She is full of life, can empathise, holds you accountable and reframe any situation, which is what I've often needed.  Her knowledge is invaluable.

Louise M.

Virtual Assistant and Master NLP Coach

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